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September 2014
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When You're at the End of Your Rope...Do This | Ep 8

Learn a two-step exercise that will allow you to feel better fast when you are overtaken with feelings like anxiety, frustration, and overwhelm.

Whether it's a gassy newborn, a tantruming toddler, or a kid that won't stop asking why, life doesn't stop just because we are totally overwhelmed. Moms run the show. We still have to feed the baby, get the kids to school, and carry on with our responsibilities. A break is not always an immediate option, even though we are totally out of juice. 

In this episode, host Lauren Fire teaches you how to shift your experience immediately to feel more like you can handle the immediate challenge. This practice can change your entire relationship with yourself.

Listeners can also download a FREE meditation track that pairs with this episode called How to Ground Yourself. Free at

Episode Preview:

Your experience of any given situation is made up of 3 elements , your thoughts, emotions, and body tensions.  You can use these elements to shift your experience of any given situation, while it's happening.  We start here with your body.  You can use your body to change your thoughts or emotions, just by changing the way you are moving and reducing the tension you are carrying.  You can change your thoughts and emotions to by using the simple self-soothing practice taught in this episode.  When you can calm and soothe yourself, you are unstoppable!

Bonus Track! Listeners can download a FREE meditation track called How to Ground Yourself at




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Find Silence Within Your Busy Life  | Ep 7

Ever feel like your mind won’t stop racing? Taking short mindful moments throughout your day can help calm your mind and bring you a little peace. In this episode, Dr. Karen Osburn, host of the podcast Mom at 41, teaches us how to integrate mindfulness into our daily lives so that we can enjoy the moments of our life more deeply and find a little silence no matter what’s happening.

Learn what mindfulness is, how to practice it, and how it can help you shift your thinking and experience. We will even start with a short exercise so you get a felt sense of what it means to “get into the present moment.”  Even if you already feel overwhelmed, trust me, you CAN do this!

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How to FEEL More Productive | Ep 6

A super simple strategy you can use immediately to feel more productive with what you are already accomplishing in your life. 

If your to-do lists get you down, or if you look around your house and seem to be constantly reminded of everything you haven’t gotten done, this episode is for you. 

When you FEEL more productive, you ARE more productive.  But when you feel like a failure and criticize yourself, you will get LESS done. Learn how to shift your thinking from self-criticism to positive motivation with one simple strategy to reprogram your brain. 

Join the Inspiring Mama™ Village at and get simple happiness exercises that will transform your mood and calm your mind fast. 

It takes a village. Let’s create one. 

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How to Generate Patience Anytime | Ep 5

Learn a 3-step process you can use to feel more grounded and calm the next time the stuff hits the fan. 

Patience is something you can create, in the moment. It just takes practice and awareness.  Have you ever accidentally yelled at someone when you didn't really mean it? It's so easy for emotions to bubble up, especially when we're pulled in so many directions. 

With the process that Lauren Fire teaches in this episode, anyone can generate patience when they need it most. The process is called the DIP Process, D for drop your belly, I for saying to yourself "I am not what's happening right now," and G for gratitude. 

For a summary of what Lauren Fire teaches, download notes to this episode at




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Use Intuition to Release Worry & Anxiety | Ep 4

You have the power to release the worry and anxiety that sometimes comes with motherhood. Guest Amanda Dennis of PeleMa.TV will teach you how to tap into your mama intuition in a deeper way and use your intuition to combat worry and anxiety.

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Stop Stress from Stealing Your Joy | Ep 3

Learn the steps you can take right now to dramatically cut your stress in half by the end of the day today.  Dr. Leonaura Rhodes, renowned neuroscience expert and mom will teach you how to take back the power over your stress so that you can feel more joy and fulfillment within your life. 


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How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Kids | Ep 2

Learn how to positively influence the emotional health of your children. Guest Vikki Spencer from The Mom Whisperer will teach you the four stages of influence and layout steps you can take to raise children who are well equipped to handle life’s challenges.   

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Why You Will Enjoy This Podcast | Feeling Happier is Easier Than You Thought | Ep 01

What is Inspiring Mama? How will this podcast improve your life? Host Lauren Fire tells the story of Inspiring Mama and explains why feeling happier is easier than you thought. Learn how the Inspiring Mama podcast will amplify your life and have you feeling happier fast. 

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