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February 2015
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Time to clean your emotional house!

Learn how to clear out the cobwebs, people, and past situations that may be keeping you from making the changes you want. Host Lauren Fire will teach you a simple method to do a little spring cleaning in your brain.

After this episode, you will know how to go from talking about your problems to actually changing them.

We all have crap - baggage that has happened to us. The happiest people aren't the ones with the least baggage, or the most charmed lives. They are just the ones who learned to carry their baggage better - to live beyond their circumstances.

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In this podcast, learn a method to get rid of your emotional energy suckers. Learn how to shift your perspective on any situation and let go of the resentment, anger, pain, or fear that could be keeping you stuck in many areas of your life.

When practiced, this method will help you create an luggage cart for your emotional baggage! Use this method to heal from depression, anxiety, postpartum depression, overwhelm, and burnout. 

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As moms, why do so many of us stink at making time for ourselves? Why is it so hard and what can we do to take back control?

Guest Jessica Turner, author of The Fringe Hours, gives us tips and ideas on how we can actually start to make more time for ourselves. In this powerful interview, Jessica discusses what stops us from making time for ourselves, including the pressure to be everything to everyone, the quest for unattainable perfection, and the guilt we sometimes face when we consider me-time.  She then gives us concrete tips to take back control of our lives, move beyond the people-pleasing, guilt, and pressure into a happier, more fulfilled life.

Visit the show notes page for this episode: Making Time

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If you are struggling to lose weight, exercise more, or simply live healthier, a change in your body image and body mindset could make all the difference. Body image expert Tamara Newell explains why a negative body image could be holding you back and how to improve your relationship with your body. Learn how to stop criticizing your body and feel at home in your skin, even if it’s not exactly the body you like.

Visit the Show Notes Page: Love Your Body

“One day I decided, if this is the body I have, I’m going to love it and I’m going to live with it. When I accepted it, a positive motivation started fueling more love into my body. I wanted to work out. I wanted to eat healthier because I was honoring and embracing my body rather than trying to fix or change it.” - Tamara Newell

Criticizing ourselves and our bodies has become the new norm, especially for women. Your friend mentions you look great and you point out your thighs. Your husband says you look sexy and you complain about how breastfeeding wrecked your boobs.

Our relationships with our bodies can profoundly influence our ability to feel happy and healthy. In this podcast, get practical tips on how you can thrive in the body you have and love every part of you today, without changing a thing.

Your relationship with your body is like any other relationship in life. It ebbs and flows. You have a choice in how you’re going to relate with it. If you want a good relationship with it, you have to make the choice over and over again to love your body, forgive your body, and embrace change in your body, the same way you do with another person. Listen now to learn more! 

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We all know we need to reduce stress, but how? 

Holistic Nutritionist Ashley Srokosz teaches you how your diet can impact your stress and how you can use food to balance your hormones, reduce stress, solve sleep and digestion troubles, and even boost your sex drive.

Learn how to use your symptoms and cravings to identify what your body is really needing. Understand how your food impacts your stress, what foods you may want to avoid if you live a high stress life and which foods can have you feeling calmer and more balanced. Ashley will also share practical strategies for improving your family's diet on a day-to-day basis.

Click here to view the show notes for this episode: Food & Stress

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